Surgical Drainage of a Prostatic Abscess through TURP

RECET Vol. 6 (2): 20-20 | 2019


Cristiano Linck Pazeto (1), Willy Roberto Camargo Baccaglini (1), Rodrigo Ungari Juc (1), Marcelo Langer Wroclawski (1), Paulo Kouiti Sakuramoto (1), Antonio Carlos Lima Pompeo (1)

(1)  Faculdade de Medicina do ABC – Disciplina de Urologia, Santo André, SP


A 69-year-old male presented to Emergency Department with a 1-week history of intense perineal pain, fever and dysuria. The patient appeared very ill and toxic on physical examination. A very painful prostate was noted on DRE without fluctuation sign however. Fever and tachycardia were noted too. He had a personal history of hypertension, diabetes and LUTS related to BPH. The laboratory analysis showed serum leukocytosis and pyuria. Bilateral rounded areas with enhancing wall were demonstrated in initial CT scan – suggesting Prostatic Abscess. Despite initial therapy the patient’s fever persisted and a TURP drainage was indicated. During the TURP, a spontaneous abscess rupture occurred and the procedure was very brief due to the patient condition. After this, a complete improvement of symptoms was achieved. The antibiotic therapy was kept until postoperative day 7 when a control CT have demonstrated a complete resolution of the collection. Six months after, patient still satisfied with his urinary pattern and no other procedures were necessary (1).


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